About Us - E-Trine

Ever experience coming home after a tiring day at work and realize there’s no hot water? Home appliances not working or faulty? Monthly electric consumption too high? If you are experiencing any of these problems, you have come to the right places.

My name is William Wild, when I first move out of my parents house and moving out to live alone. The house was pretty much empty and I had to figure everything out myself. As always there’s always bad purchases here and there and ended up over my budget. Luckily a friend helped me out and educate me on things like water heater, air conditioning and what I need for cold and hot day.

Here I am creating this blog to help out others who are moving to new place for the first time or looking for anything that could improve their home. I am slowing growing this blog with more informations and product reviews, if you have any particular topics that you would like me to cover feel free to email me.