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How Much Should I Sell My MacBook Air For
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Whether you use it for work or play, a MacBook Air is an investment. It is a high-quality laptop with great features and is capable of processing multiple tasks at once. However, after you have used it for some time, you might want to make an upgrade, trade it in, or sell it to someone. While the MacBook Air resale value might not be as much as you got it for, it does hold value and can be sold or traded for a great price to subsidize the new one.  

But how much is your MacBook Air worth? Let us look.

What’s My MacBook Air Worth?

If you are trying to figure out how much your MacBook Air is worth, then several factors come into play. Also, there are different ways to sell or trade your MacBook Air, through an online buyback store, Apple’s buyback program, sell it to someone, or via an auction site. 

However, some methods to sell damaged MacBook Air are risky and inconvenient and offer you a low price. The best way to trade your laptop is through a reliable and professional online buyback store. They deal with all MacBook Air models and give you the most reasonable pricing. 

Here is a table that compares the MacBook Air prices at Best Buy Stores, and online marketplaces. The table will provide you a better idea of where you should sell your MacBook Air.

MacBook Air ModelReasonable priceBest BuyOnline Marketplaces
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2019$556$275$484
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2018$565$225$541
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2017$336$200$353
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2015$276$145$264
MacBook Air 11-inch, 2015$243$125$211
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2014$200$80$191
MacBook Air 11-inch, 2014$195$60$173
MacBook Air 13-inch, 2013$186$55$177
MacBook Air 11-inch, 2013$170$35$163

The Price May Vary Depending on Your MacBook Air Condition

The prices mentioned above vary depending on the model and condition of your MacBook Air. Here are a few things you should know before you sell a MacBook Air. 

Laptop Configuration

Know your MacBook Air’s technical configurations. These include the model number, serial number, RAM, and processor speed. MacBook Air has a system report button, which offers you a full report about your laptop’s hardware, software, and network.  

Battery Condition

The next thing to keep in mind is the battery condition, as it can alter the value of your MacBook Air. Check the battery condition before knowing your old MacBook Air price. Also, determining the size of the battery is crucial. You can check out the resellers website to get the price. If the deal is good, ship your device by accepting the offer. 

Cosmetic Condition

The cosmetic condition of your MacBook Air plays a vital role in the price. It can significantly raise or drop the value. Check whether your device has scratches, dents, missing keys, cracked screen, etc. if yes, you may get a lower price. However, if it is in excellent condition the price is higher. Selling Your MacBook Air in Online Stores

You can sell your used MacBook Air in online stores as they offer the best price. Besides the price, the process to sell online is simple, convenient, and hassle-free. Also, they keep you informed on shipping times and payment. All you need to do to sell your Apple device is, follow a simple process mentioned on the website.

The first step is to get a quote. Fill in the configuration details, battery, and cosmetic condition of your MacBook Air in the provided list and get a price. If you like the offer, accept, and proceed further. 

Next, you receive an email with a quote and all the details you need to sell your device, plus the free prepaid shipping label. Ensure your device is clean and factor reset as online stores do not accept devices with iCloud. Once done, check everything properly, pack, and ship your device.  

Once your MacBook Air arrives at the center, it is checked and processed, and your payment is issued.

Selling Your MacBook Air in BestBuy

Another way to sell your device is through the Best Buy trade-in program. However, you need to mail your device as Best Buy has suspended in-store trade-ins due to COVID-19. 

Also, when you trade in your working MacBook you get a gift card worth up to $450. Moreover, you can check your 4- or 3-year-old MacBook Air price on the Best Buy website by filling in the product condition, what is included with the device, and is it factory reset. Once you do that, you get the price which is comparatively less than the online stores.

Selling MacBook Air on Marketplaces and eBay

The third option to sell your MacBook Air is on marketplaces and eBay. Create a listing of your device with all the details and add a few photos. However, the downside of the marketplace is that it increases the risk of getting ripped off and is time-consuming. You need to talk to a lot of buyers and even show your MacBook Air. If buyers like, they offer you a lot less than expected. As for eBay, you need to pay the cost for listing, and the company takes 10% of the final selling price. Thus, you get less than what you get with online stores.Summary

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