Control Your Smart Home HVAC System with Your Smartphone

Control Your Smart Home HVAC System with Your Smartphone
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Users who have already installed smart home HVAC systems can give you dozens of reasons for their choice.

Sometimes these can be comic options. For example, “I’m too lazy. I don’t want to get off the couch to press the switch.” But most often there are serious arguments – about home security, saving resources, the need for climate control, etc.

Also, a huge plus is the ability to manage the HVAC system using a smartphone. It is convenient, efficient and ergonomic. Even outside your home, you can monitor and change the microclimate in your home.

It is natural that not only in the US but throughout the world, the number of homes with HVAC systems is growing rapidly.

What are the benefits of smartphone-controlled HVAC systems?

So, imagine that you have already installed the application on your smartphone and got full HVAC system control. What does this really mean for you?

1) Quick access to home climate information, no matter where you are in the world.

2) The ability to remotely control your home ventilation system, air conditioners, humidifiers and heating system.

3) Data collection and analysis will allow you to develop the optimal mode of electricity consumption.

4) Ability to combine the HVAC system with other applications (e.g. the voice-activated systems Siri, Alexa, and Google Home).

It will be easy for you to set up smart home HVAC systems on your smartphone. Applications have intuitive controls and are suitable for both individual and commercial use.

Monitor and control your home climate

It’s no secret that heating and electricity bills can be very high, so each of us tries to save resources. When we leave home, we turn off everything we can. If we forget to do this, we will pay dearly for our forgetfulness.

On the other hand, having turned off all the heaters in the morning, we return to the cold house in the evening. Agree, this is not what we want to get after a hard day’s work.

But you can easily avoid it. Just take your smartphone, press a few buttons on the app and turn on the heating mode you need. When you arrive from work, your home will already be at a comfortable temperature for you.

This is just one example of why you need an HVAC system control. There can be many such scenarios.

Stay up to date with changes

According to users, one of the main feelings that this smartphone application gives is a feeling of calm and security.

Each of us at least sometimes found ourselves in a situation where we had to urgently leave the house on business, and then all day worrying about whether everything was fine at home and whether all the appliances were turned off. And the point here is not only the possible large bills for electricity but also the safety of the house.

Thanks to the sensors that will be placed on the premises, you will always be aware of any changes inside. Will a window open? You will know. Will the kids turn on the heat? You will know. Will the temperature be too low outside and there will be a risk that your pipes in the house will freeze? You will know about it and you will be able to correct the situation.

Thus, you can save the house from many unpleasant situations, just by having your smartphone at hand.

Clean air

You may not often think about it, but the purity of the air you breathe has a huge impact on you.

If the air has a lot of carbon dioxide and little oxygen, the human body will react to this. For example, people get tired quickly, experience drowsiness and lose concentration. Or they get a headache.

These symptoms may be subtle, but they are unpleasant. And not every person will be able to immediately understand what is the reason for poor health. But smart home HVAC systems sensors will definitely notice this and provide fresh air to the room, and you will receive a full report on the problem and its solution.

Energy saving

There are many ways to save energy with an HVAC system, and some of them are based on planning.

For example, when you turn on the oven in the kitchen, it creates additional heat. It means that the heaters can work less during this time, and it will help you save energy. Create such a scenario – and the smart home itself will turn off the heating at the right time.

Or you can program a strict schedule – the heating in your house should run from 9 am to 5 pm at a minimum level, but in the evening the temperature should rise a few degrees. This is a logical scenario if you are at work during the day and return home in the evening.

But what if you suddenly changed your plans and decided to spend the evening with friends in a bar? Does this mean that your heater will work for many hours in vain? No. Because you can change the script for the HVAC system and disable the thermostat.

Just a few clicks on the smartphone screen – and you save energy and your budget.

Best comfort

Your home is the place where everything around should be adjusted to you, your habits and your needs.

For example, pleasant coolness in your bedroom, even if it’s hot outside. Or, conversely, a warm atmosphere on cold winter days. And clean air in an apartment in the middle of a gassed city, etc.

Each of us has requirements in a home climate. HVAC systems are exactly what you need to help you make your home perfect and absolutely comfortable. You will only need to explain your requirements – and the smart home will do the rest of the work for you.


Smart homes are gradually gaining people’s trust as a way to rationally manage resources and ensure home security. Moreover, these systems become an important factor when buying and selling houses.

Users understand that modern technologies can help in solving any domestic, everyday problems, such as air conditioning, ventilation and space heating. You only need to have a smartphone in your hand to set up a complete HVAC system control.

Some homeowners would like to digitize their homes, but they fear that installation and maintenance of such systems are very difficult. These fears are unfounded. Because real experts like Repairs Bay will help you with everything. As a result, you will be in full control of your home at any time and from anywhere.

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